Taylor Swift Still Loves Jake Gyllenhaal? Her New Album Says Probably—What About Conor Kennedy?

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Is Taylor Swift still in love with Jake Gyllenhaal? Her new album sure sounds like it. Gyllenhaal is all over her latest work. Seriously, every song seems to be about him. So what does this portend for Swift’s new stalking victim—er—beau, Connor Kennedy?

Although the sometimes not-so-sweet country sweetheart is famous for singing sad songs about ex-boyfriends who “done her wrong,” Swift’s latest opus, “Red,” seems to be “an ode to Jake Gyllenhaal.” Of course, the world has speculated for some time that Swift’s song “”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” was about her failed romance with the Brokeback Mountain star. But on “Red,” Swift seems to have gone over the top. In one song, she talks about herself and her unnamed boyfriend being “twin fire signs.” Interestingly, both she and Gyllenhaal celebrate their birthdays in December, and just 6 days apart. In another song, “All Too Well,” she sings about meeting her man’s sister and leaving her scarf at the woman’s house. Of course, Jake has a famous sister—Maggie Gyllenhaal. In “On Holy Ground,” Taylor talks about exploring the “big wide city” of New York with her beau. Guess where Jake Gyllenhaal lives.

Far more intriguing than the Gyllenhaal trivia contained in the above lines, are the heartfelt, regretful lyrics of a song called “State of Grace.”

“And I never saw you coming,” admits La Swift. “And I’ll never be the same…Love is a ruthless game…You’re my Achilles heel.”

Yikes. Sounds like Jake was the one who got away. Lucky guy—er—the cad. But enough of Jake the jerk. What does all this warbling about Achilles heels and never being the same again mean for poor Conor Kennedy. You know, the guy that Taylor Swift is supposed to be in love with now. After all, wasn’t that whole Gyllenhaal thing over and done with 2 years ago? All that pining and whining on “Red” makes it seem like she’s still in love with the guy. And if that’s true, then where does that leave Conor Kennedy? Oops.

Does Pearl Pureheart once again have some ‘splainin‘ to do?

Stay tuned.

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