Taylor Swift Talks About Boyfriends Being Jealous of Her Success

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Taylor Swift has revealed the reason why so many of her relationships don’t work—her boyfriends start comparing their success to hers, and they end up feeling like jealous failures.

Perhaps this is why 22-year-old Taylor is so happy with her 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy. Since he’s still in high school, he doesn’t have a career to compare to Taylor’s yet.

However, guys like Joe Jonas and John Mayer haven’t been so lucky, especially since they’re in the music industry with Taylor. They could directly compare their album sales and number of awards won to those of the cute country crooner, and they just couldn’t come close to matching Taylor’s success. According to Contact Music, here’s what Taylor Swift said about the difficulties of dating a competitive guy:

”I’ve found that men I’ve dated who are in the same business can be really competitive. I’ve found a great group of girlfriends in the same business who aren’t competitive, but a few times guys have started comparing careers and it has been… challenging.

The last thing I think about when I fall for someone is what they do for a living as I like to get to know that person, but sometimes guys start acting weirdly towards me, especially if I get good news and they get bad… It’s usually downhill from there.”

Since she clarifies that her problems are with men “in the same business,” it’s pretty obvious that she’s specifically referring to Joe Jonas and John Mayer. So Katy Perry better watch out—John might not stay in her life for long if he starts comparing his career to hers.

Perhaps Taylor fell for actor Jake Gyllenhaal because of her troubles with male singers. She didn’t have to worry about him being competitive, and she also didn’t have to worry about him being turned off by her celebrity lifestyle. This could be a problem that Taylor runs into with Conor Kennedy in the future—he might decide that he doesn’t like the paparazzi and all the traveling that his girlfriend has to do.

But if he and Taylor do break up, he better get ready to hear songs about himself on the radio. Here’s what Taylor said about writing songs about her exes:

”It’s mind-blowing how some guys have just handed me inspiration for some of these songs on a plate. Some have said, ‘Please don’t write about me,’ but only when we’re in the process of breaking up.

If a man dates me, he’s kind of signing a waiver saying he’s cool with me writing songs about him.”

Asking a girl not to do something when you’re breaking up with her is obviously not going to end well. Perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal was one of the guys who begged Taylor not to sing about him since he dated her after it was well established that she likes to sing about her celebrity exes.

So do you think that Taylor will be writing tunes about Conor soon, or is he the perfect guy for her because he’s not a celebrity?

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