Taylor Swift to Marry Conor and Become a Kennedy? Or Not–His Family Hates Her Guts

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Rumor has it that Taylor Swift is itching to marry Conor Kennedy and raise a passel of brats thereby fulfilling her ultimate fantasy of becoming part of an American almost-royal dynasty. There’s only one problem. The other members of the Kennedy clan reportedly hate her guts.

Yes, the country sweetheart has her sights set on becoming this generation’s Jackie O, but according to Kennedy family insiders, she’s going to have a hard time pulling it off. She doesn’t have any fan among the Hyannisport set. As far as they’re concerned, she’ll marry Conor over their dead bodies.

“It’s World War III,” tattles the insider. “Many of the Kennedys loathe Taylor and don’t want anything to do with her. They think she’s using her fame as a singer to worm her way into the fold… Taylor badly wants to marry Conor and have a Kennedy baby. She sees herself as the next Jackie O and aims to become as famous as she was, a style icon on a world stage. Taylor’s already looking for the perfect wedding dress… she wants a vintage ’60s gown. Conor is besotted with Taylor and insists the relationship is for real.”

Yes, well, at the tender age of 18, he would insist that, wouldn’t he? Tell a guy his age that his girlfriend is unsuitable, and he’ll stick to her like flies on a windshield. It’s called teenage rebellion. Duh.

There is, however, one Kennedy family member who can actually stand–er–genuinely likes La Swift. And she’s a lady whose opinion carries a lot of clout–RFK’s widow–Ethel Kennedy

“Taylor is banking on Ethel’s approval for a marriage,” the source continued, “and then she’ll have Conor’s baby. She can’t wait to cradle that baby — it would be her passport into Kennedy history. Conor thinks they’ll split their time between Massachusetts and Nashville and that they’ll live happily ever after. But he hasn’t even started college yet!”

Yikes. Sweet little Taylor Swift, a hard-boiled, conniving social climber scheming to marry an innocent kid and have a baby just to become an international “style icon” and a part of American history? Looks like Pearl Pureheart might not be so pure after all. No wonder the Galahad-like Tim Tebow wasn’t interested. Could the world actually owe Kim Kardashian’s much-maligned man an apology?

Stay tuned.

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