Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction isn’t only surprise in St. Louis (Video)

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The recent Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction wasn’t the only recent surprise the singer gave in St. Louis! During her latest concert, Taylor decided to do a cover of a rap song which was done by a famous local.

Right now, a Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction video has gone viral. During her recent concert in St. Louis, Taylor saw her undergarments exposed when a blast of wind from under the stage set blew her skirt up. However, the singer was poised and didn’t freak out. It was a surprise to Miss Swift and the fans who were in attendance. She also delighted the fans in another way, though, this time by singing one of rap star Nelly’s big hits from his album “5.0” released in 2010.

That’s right, Taylor Swift, who recently did a performance of an Eminem rap song at one of her concerts, decided to perform “Just a Dream.” Taylor sat down on a stool for this one, so there wouldn’t be a wardrobe malfunction. She strummed on her acoustic guitar and asked the audience to sing along with her if they knew the words. Of course the locals obliged. The only thing missing was everyone holding their lighters up in the air. Wardrobe malfunctions aside, praise goes to Taylor Swift for giving her own beautiful renditions of rap songs in acoustic guitar mode!

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