Taylor Swift Warned Girls to Back Off of Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift might be getting dangerously possessive of Harry Styles already.

T-Swift and Conor Kennedy called it quits about two weeks ago, and it looks like the country crooner is quickly rebounding by dating Hazza. According to RumorFix, sources saw Taylor tell a few girls to back off when they got too close to the One Direction singer on The X Factor set. However, as the site points out, it’s possible that Taylor was just joking (it’s really hard to imagine her in a jealous rage).

Anonymous sources aren’t the only ones talking about “Tarry.” The X Factor host Mario Lopez said he spotted Harry Styles backstage Thursday and quizzed him about why he was hanging out there. Hazza smoothly responded by motioning towards Taylor Swift. According to Mario, the two lovebirds then walked off holding hands.

If Taylor is looking for another guy to inspire songs about heartbreak, then Hazza is a great catch for her — One Direction’s biggest womanizer has a reputation for loving and leaving girls. There’s even been some speculation that Taylor’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about Harry. However, she doesn’t seem to think that he’s trouble right now. Perhaps she’s thinking with her heart instead of her brain.

Taylor’s last boyfriend Conor Kennedy was a high school kid still deciding what to do with his life. He might have gotten a bit intimidated by Taylor’s stardom after dating her for a while, and his lifestyle was far different from hers. But Hazza is Taylor’s equal — he’s just as successful as she is, and he’s pretty used to dealing with fame by now. So who knows? Maybe Tarry is the perfect pop star couple to replace Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (if Jelena is still broken up, that is).

If nothing else, Tarry fans might want to start praying that the singers stay together long enough to do a duet together.

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