Taylor Swift Warned to Back Off Connor Kennedy

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Rumor has it that Taylor Swift has been warned to bow out of her budding romance with Connor Kennedy. But unlike her flirtation with Patrick Schwarzenegger that was quickly K.O.’d by his mom, Maria Shriver, it’s not the Kennedy clan who want her to drop Connor. It’s her friends. They say Connor’s a “notorious womanizer.” Well, duh. Of course, he is. He’s a healthy 18-year-old guy.

“Everyone has been reminding Taylor that Kennedy men are notorious womanizers,” reveals a source. “There’s a long history in that family of cheating, and she should just run for the hills! But Taylor just laughs it off, at one point saying, ‘Don’t be silly, Conor has a heart of gold.'”

Heart of gold or not, La Swift shows no signs of backing off her new light of love. According to insiders, the two lovebirds have “taken over the Kennedy compound.” Not only are they indulging in classic Kennedy-esque activities like sailing and impromptu football games on the grounds, they apparently have no inhibitions about packing on the PDA. Still, Taylor’s friends fret that the young Kennedy will break the country darling’s heart. They fear that Connor will eventually leave her “singing the blues.”

Of course, considering Taylor Swift’s unlucky romantic track record with “heartbreakers like John Mayer, Joe Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhaal juxtaposed with her lengthy list of hit songs, maybe that’s the point.


Best of luck to all concerned. And stay tuned.

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