Taylor Swift’s Grammy Performance 2010 [video]

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The Grammy’s happened a few days ago but I missed Taylor Swift’s performance (must have gone to the bathroom during it).  My friend sent her Grammy performance to me from YouTube and I was shocked there was not more talk about it.  Taylor Swift’s vocals were terrible, I don’t know if it was the microphone, but oh my!  Stevie Nicks sounded great, a true talent.  It was like watching a train wreck, everything Taylor Swift did during her Grammy performance I cringed.

I like Taylor as a singer.  She performed great at the VMAs–probably through adrenaline madness.  When Swift went acoustic I could not believe what I was hearing–I expected much better from a Grammy performance.  Even the camera work during Taylor Swift’s performance seemed amateur.  You’ll have to watch the video of Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance and judge for yourself.

My only question is, why has there been no talk of it? It is awful, especially for an artist like Taylor Swift.


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