Taylor Swift’s Kennedy Dreams Are Over

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For months, tabloid shave speculated that Taylor Swift so badly wanted to be apart of the Kennedy family that she was pushing 18-year-old Conor into marriage! On Thursday, though, any dreams of being apart of the family that she may have had came spiraling down as news of the couples split was reported.

TaylorSwiftApr09Gossip Cop confirmed the breakup that not many people saw coming. Even though there was a slight age difference between the two, both Taylor and Conor seemed to get along well and even enjoyed a summer of love. However, it looks like that this relationship was nothing more than a summer fling. While the breakup is noted as being “amicable” a lot of people are placing blame on Taylor’s busy schedule. Her new album was released just this past Tuesday and, already, it is taking the charts by storm. It looks like the fall is shaping up to be a busy one for the country singer and it is understandable that she wouldn’t have a lot of time to devote to a relationship.

However, another source said that the two actually split a while back (and no one noticed!) In fact, the pair haven’t seen each other in a over a month and, if they do plan on reconciling, they will have to wait until the New Year when Taylor will finally have some time off.

Even though the split was “amicable,” some have to wonder if Taylor Swift will write a song about her Kennedy romance or if she will let it go.

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