Tea Party Compared to Terrorist Bomber

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Would you compare the Tea Party to figures like Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber? If so, you’d be a lot like the head of the Oklahoma democratic party Wallace Collins. Last week he told a Fox News reporter that if Timothy McVeigh were alive today, he’d probably be a member of the grassroots political movement. While that may seem like an offensive comment to those who are in denial of what the TP stands for, Wallace isn’t backing down and he certainly does not have to.

To be honest, Timothy McVeigh was notoriously known as an anti-government obsessive-compulsive who dwelled on political rhetoric. He had deep-seeded hatred for government and yearned for the destruction and dismantling of it. Does that sound familiar to you?

Wallace Collins isn’t backing down from his comments comparing the Tea Party to McVeigh, and that certainly has some of the more rabid members of the movement in a tizzy. That’s to be expected as it seems that some of these types search for something that offends them.

While not every TP supporter shares the same desire to murder and maim like the Oklahoma City Bomber, it’s apparent that the more vocal of these people share the same personality as the now-deceased terrorist. All one has to do is research the different violent incidents and arrests involved with the TP and that much is made apparent.

Of course some people are going to try to derail this topic by bring up the Occupy movement, but this is no different from a scolded child lashing out because some other child did the same thing. “But little Billy down the road lit firecrackers too, mom!” Talk about some valid points, huh folks?

The fact of the matter is simple: The Tea Party as a collective aims its agenda at taxes and fiscal issues. However, racism has been an underlying element from the get-go. Racial hatred aimed at the president paired with signs depicting gun talk and the like, well, they just don’t make you look good, guys. It’s also not a good agenda to aim for the removal of Constitutional amendments, since so many American voters rely on them day-by-day.

The Occupy movement was virtually no different. The only difference is that racism and hatred for the POTUS weren’t elements. The end of corporate greed and the dominion the rich have over the poor in this nation fuel the Occupy movement. There are jackasses in every group, and that’s why the TP and Occupy are both recognized as naughty nellies as far as Uncle Sam is concerned. Though only one group appears to actually display a hatred for the current government in their very agenda, Tea Partiers! Google it.

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