Tea Party Email Jokes About Beating Obama to Death

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A Pennsylvania Tea Party group called Northeast Pennsylvania Spirit of 1776 has been emailing a joke that involves president Barack Obama being beaten to death by the country’s founding fathers. The below image captures what this far right group considers “humor,” but it should totally prove that they should be considered a hate group more than a grassroots political group.

What’s pathetic is that this group is defending its actions by saying it’s funny because of the notion that Obama could be a Muslim. It’s a spin off of the Robin Williams joke about Osama Bin Laden being greeted by “71 Virginians” as opposed to the virgins in the Muslim faith. That bit wasn’t funny either, to be honest.

This group isn’t a part of the republican party, but it’s still an offshoot of the ultra conservative ideology that POTUS Barack Obama is a socialist, Muslim and other things that are simply untrue. These are the ideals that most of the Tea Party groups tout. Violence isn’t funny, guys, and to be honest this meme that the group emailed to its members wouldn’t have been funny even if it didn’t depict Obama being beaten beyond death. This isn’t humor at all!

Anyone who thinks this sort of thing is funny or even acceptable is just as sick as the people who created the joke and as sick as those who distributed it to their right wing pals.

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