Tea Party would win it all with Tina Fey Running as Sarah Palin.

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With a hit network TV show, “30 Rock”, a new Hollywood movie with Steve Carrell, (sure to be a box office hit; even if it’s a stinker) and a brand new “Saturday Night Live” skit mimicking former Governor, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey has a lot of capital to spend. The Tea Party should sign her up!

Think about it. Tina has “most” of the looks that Sarah has. She was responsible for a good part of the bump that Sarah got during the last presidential election, and just about EVERYONE loves the Palin impression she does, regardless of party affiliation. Since she does do an Emmy Award winning performance of Mrs. Palin, most of the people in America, who don’t pay attention to politics, will be none the wiser. A few weeks on the gun range and some snow “machine” lessons and she’s in.

Alec Baldwin would have to vote for her or he’d be out of a job and he would not have to leave the country when she does win. David Letterman would have to find someone else to pick on though, because as an actor, Tina Fey probably has better lawyers than Mrs. Palin does.

This country has been run by advisors and scriptwriters for the last few decades, so why not her? All she needs to do is just hit her marks, read her lines off cue-cards and she’ll keep her SAG and AFTRA union cards up to date. For once, we’ll be able to listen to our president and laugh with her, not at her.

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