Teacher Nadia Diaz Accused of Sex With Student Age 14

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Nadia Diaz, 26, is the latest in along line of teachers caught having sex with students. This time the charges include sex with a minor and oral copulation. Allegedly her victim was a 14-year-old student.

The teacher at Western Union High School in California’s Fresno County was arrested Thursday by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department after they received a call on Wednesday. Nadia Diaz was released after she was booked on the charges and posted bail. Thankfully, the victim’s identity has not been revealed.

Wednesday a sheriff’s deputy was called to the school to open an investigation into the alleged sexual abuse. The incidents reportedly occurred in January and February of 2009 when Diaz was a substitute teacher at the high school. She had since been hired as a full-time teacher in the same school. It seems the fact she is a rather attractive young woman does not help the situation. Teachers having sex with students are becoming a routine news story. Over 15 such incidents have been reported so far this year and the list seems to keep growing.

Nadia Diaz was single when the sexual incidents were to have taken place. At that time she went by the name of Nadia Foth and she has recently married. While being single is no excuse, some of the students are confused as to the teacher’s identity from news reports. The students are said to be trying to find who the victim was and are not having any luck with their quest. Three more counselors have been brought into the school to handle students’ reactions, according to the school district.

Nadia’s attorney, Rick Berman, says she was arrested based on “some rumors that the school district heard.” The attorney denies his client had any sexual relations with the student. She is reportedly having a tough time with her arrest. This surely must be devastating to Nadia Diaz and it would be very sad if it was revealed that the allegations are false.

Calif. teacher Nadia Diaz accused of sex with student

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