Teacher Stacy Schuler Pleads Insanity in Wild Sex Orgies with Students

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High School teacher, Stacy Schuler, pled not guilty by reason of insanity when charged with having wild drug filled orgies in her home with some of her students. It is said the persecutors depict the 33-year-old woman as having an “insatiable appetite for sex, drugs and alcohol who wanted to be passed around.” She says she doesn’t remember a thing.

On Monday the state rested its case in the trial of ex-gym teacher Stacy Schuler. She stands accused of multiple sex orgies with five Mason High School football players. Solicitous descriptions of Stacy having sex and drinking with two boys at a time in her shower permeated the minds of people in the court room. Why do they always have to make a sex case sound like a scene out of an X-rated film? However, Stacy’s lawyer is prepared to paint a different story.

Two of the school’s graduates testified they were friends with Stacy Schuler and the teacher had discussed her plea of insanity long before the story of her sexual games came out. One of the ex-students who graduated in June said, “She said she would try to plead insane, because she got a bad divorce and her husband abused her, her family life and how she had a bad childhood.” The teacher had said she awoke from being “black-out drunk,” to find one of the boys in bed with her.

The defense will deliver their side of the Stacy Schuler trail today. However, based on the accusations, one has to wonder how can a judge find this woman innocent? Of course she had to be insane to do such things; or maybe not. Might the ex-gym teacher just be a sexual predator who gets her cookies from strapping young high school kids?

New tests: Stacy Schuler will now be evaluated by psychologists or psychiatrists after her ple change

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