Teacher Troubles

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I was homeschooled so other than not always wanting to do what my Mom said or doing the best I could in some subject or other and Mom thinking I wasn’t doing my best when I really was I didn’t have a whole lot of problems.

My problem began not in public school but in Sunday School when I was in 1st grade and the teacher realized I could read much better than the other kids my age so they started calling on me to read a Bible verse aloud to the class out of my King James Adventure Kids Bible, none of the other kids had a King James Bible except me let alone understand part of what I read with all the thee’s thou’s thy’s etc. in it. I had a King James version because it was good practice for my phonics skills that I was learning. Yes there was rewards for it like a candy bar and a sticker on the wall chart for reading aloud. But I soon got tired of not having any friends in Sunday School and being deemed “teacher’s pet”, they usually asked for volunteers to read a Bible verse, mostly short ones that were easy but when the rest of the class didn’t volunteer the teacher picked someone to read, usually I got stuck doing it.

When I started in the 5th grade Sunday School class the teachers had a different curriculum than we were used to and not only did we have to read aloud to the class whatever Bible verses were in the lesson but there were skits that they expected students to volunteer to do, I didn’t like the skits but when other kids failed to volunteer to help the teachers started picking students to do it, the ones that had to do the skits the most were the ones who could read the best. Guess who got picked for that against their wishes?

6th grade Sunday school took me by surprise when they started talking about Sex Ed type of stuff although they had a different name for it, there was group discussions, one question I remember was “Once you are married how long will you/ your spouse wait before engaging in sexual activities?” what kind of question is that to ask a bunch of 6th grade kids?

7th grade brought a change of churches because the Lutheran church we had been going to since I was an infant and my parents were married in, because they wanted to teach witchcraft, including how to cast spells everything to do with witchcraft 7th graders were going to learn, My parents and I wanted nothing to do with that, they said it was so that kids knew what it looked like so that by the time they’re in highschool they’d know to avoid it.

8th grade was ok but I wasn’t used to the huge church we were going to or the large jr. high Sunday School class, I was held back a year by my mother in school so I was permitted to repeat the jr. high Sunday School class. I wasn’t interested in any of the adult Sunday school classes and they didn’t have anything for highschool kids in the morning but they had lesson and activity time on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

I never joined the highschool class because I thought it was too noisy and they pretty much insisted you had to stay in the gym even if it was just free time left at the end until a parent or other responsible adult came to get you because they didn’t want highschoolers sneaking out and finding dark corners outside the church to hide in with boyfriends/girlfriends and I thought it was way too loud. I have sensitive hearing to start with so imagine something that is very loud like someone’s stereo is turned up way too loud, for 2-3 hours.  I couldn’t handle the noise and decided sitting with my parents in the sanctuary despite it’s being too loud too was preferable to constant loud music and noisy teens that had their cliques that either sat on the bleachers discussing the latest fashion trends and which boys they thought were cute or the all boy basketball games or girls volleyball games. I had no interest in volleyball, nor did I want to sit and have to listen to a bunch of catty girls discussing fashion and boys.

Eventually I got to where I kind of liked being in with the adults but was glad when we started skipping evening services because they went the longest, starting at 6pm and most of the time not getting done until 8pm at the earliest or worse 9pm or later.

About the time I turned 17 I started helping out 1 Grandmother about 4 hours from where we used to live, whenever she decided she needed somebody’s help( she was lonely after Grandpa died ), she told my parents she needed me for a week or two, sometimes 3 if I was lucky, she felt better having someone else in the house, although she never told my mother that, usually the excuse she gave was the higher places like light fixtures and fans needed to be cleaned thoroughly, or she needed help re-arranging her cupboards so things she used the most were easier to get to.

Eventually the year I turned 19 I moved in with her for good because she felt safer that way and said that if anything should happen like if the house caught fire or there was a terrible storm I’d be the first one to hear it and could wake her up and help get her to safety, or if she was ill I could make sure she ate a proper meal.

So I started attending a Free Methodist Church in the same town as the Grandma I was living with and got into a young adults Sunday School class one Summer and liked it, then after that I started in another adult Sunday School class that had similar curriculum to what I’d previously been learning.

Highschool meant no more reading aloud if I didn’t want to. I didn’t like being deemed ” teacher’s pet” from the time I was in 1st grade through 8th grade. Once in awhile I’ll read aloud a Bible verse but there’s others who really enjoy reading aloud so I’m more than happy to let them do it.

I don’t mind reading books geared towards 2-5 year olds aloud to the children I babysit but other than that I could care less if I ever had to read anything aloud again.


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