Teacher Who Bullied Autistic Child, Still Teaching

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A New Jersey teacher who bullied an autistic child is being called out for her despicable actions. Stuart Chaifetz is a single father raising his 10-year-old autistic son and unfortunately, has learned first-hand how cruel people can be. Akian Chaifetz was subjected to some of the most horrible treatment any child can suffer from–bullying. But Akian was not bullied by classmates or other children who did not know any better; he was bullied by his teacher and aides.

Little Akian is in a class specially created for children with autism. You would think the people in charge of teaching these classes would have some kind of special training in dealing with autistic children. These teachers would also need to possess a great deal of patience and compassion. Sadly, in this case, the teachers were overgrown bullies who entertained themselves by poking fun and harassing their young charges.

Stuart Chaifetz became frustrated after he watched his son deteriorate before his very eyes. He took the drastic step of wiring his son and sending him off to school, so he could hear what was going on. The 6.5-hour audio recording will make you scream in rage and cry in frustration. Akian was essentially tortured by his teacher and aides everyday he stepped into that classroom. People paid to teach Akian, were doing anything but teaching.

An entire laundry list of violations can be heard throughout the recording. Akian was called a “bastard” and tormented with the possibility of not getting to see his dad. Stuart explains the entire situation in a 17-minute recording. In the recording, Akian is heard crying after a cruel woman tells him he cannot see his dad after his weekend visit to his mother’s home. Anybody who has any experience with autism knows the importance of routines and constant reassurances.

Stuart contacted the school and offered up his recording as evidence to the heartless shenanigans taking place at Horace Mann Elementary School of the Cherry Hill School district. One aide has been fired, but the teacher is still working, albeit in a different classroom at a high school in the district.

That teacher has retained an attorney and is fighting for her job and absolutely claims she was not in the classroom when this recording was made. Stuart believes otherwise. He insists he does not want to sue or fight, but he wants Kelly Altenburg to apologize. The Cherry Hill District has issued a statement addressing the situation and claims everybody involved has been disciplined and is no longer with the district.

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