Teachermate Makes Today Show Appearance with Matt Lauer [Video]

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Educating our children is something important. Finding new and creative ways to do that is always on the top of the list. As a former teacher myself, new and inventive ways to get our children to learn always seem to catch my eye. This morning on the Today Show, the Teachermate was introduced.

The new device that comes from Innovation from Learning looks like a hand held computer and the learning process is turned into what looks like a video game. The device and the programs in it make learning match and other subjects fun.

In this video game age, you need to capture the attention and try to hold it. Attention spans aren’t what they used to be really. They only seem to be getting worse instead of better as time goes on. Right now, Teachermate covers reading and math, and if you want to pick it up for your child, it will cost you about $100 dollars. If schools want to add Teachermate to their classrooms, that could cost anywhere from $400 to $2500 dollars.

Check out the video of the Teachermate on this morning’s Today Show below.

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