Teachers and Education Politics

Mega-billionaires and business legends Bill Gates and Eli Broad are shouting now that America must fix its education system or fail in global competition. A new Brookings Institution study on teaching calls for an extreme makeover in America’s schools.

The new education reform fight is brewing, and it may not mean another apple for the teacher. There are calls for tearing up the straight-ahead rails to tenure and getting rid of certification. Beyond that, big money is pouring into the ’08 presidential race to put reform of all kinds on the front burner. Congress is set to spend hundreds of millions on new math and science teachers. And, oh, by the way, No Child Left Behind is up for renewal.

On Point  speaks today at 10 am ET with one of the Brookings study’s authors as well as billionaire Eli Broad, the top teachers’ union rep, and a teacher from the trenches.

Do you think the career rules of the teaching profession are ready for revision? Teachers, what do you think about the tenure system and certification requirements? Where do you see education reform going in the ’08 presidential race?

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