Teachers Who Are Liberal

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Teachers Who Are Liberal

If you had a teacher who was liberal,

You can be thankful that he or she

Had high expectations of everyone,

Appreciated individual differences,

Discovered the value in every student and added to it,

Created a sense of shared endeavor,

Believed in freedom and demanded responsibility,

Exemplified and expected integrity,

Worked for and provoked understanding,

Made you think and think better,

Encouraged and nurtured creativity,

Practiced compassion, but applied fairness,

Gave and got love and respect,

Showed wonder in his or her eyes

That reflected in yours.

If you had a teacher who was liberal,

You can thank your lucky stars (and stripes).

Chris Brockman

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Libertarian humanist, rationalist, progressive, romantic. I believe in freedom, people, reason, and that cooperation is the best way for reasonable people to progress in society. I am an advocate of Aristotle's Golden Mean as a path to happiness. I despi

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