Team Cee Lo’s ‘Purrfect’ Night on ‘The Voice’

If The Voice celebrity coach Cee Lo Green wore his ‘purrfect’ the cat shirt last night to bring his team luck, his custom feline Tee certainly did the trick. It was a pressure packed evening for coaches and their teams last night on the hit NBC musical with the eight semi-finalists all competing for America’s votes and high scores from the judges to remain one of the coveted final four.

Jamar Rogers, the recovering HIV positive drug addict dubbed as ‘the comeback kid’ by Carson Daily last night, took the stage first for Team Cee Lo. Prior to the performance, Cee Lo commented on Jamar’s past high-octane show stoppers explaining he wanted to give him something more intimate to sing this week. The song of choice was If You Don’t Know Me By Now originally done by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes.

As they worked on the song together, Cee Lo mentioned Rogers had a few suggestions to incorporate electric guitars into this arrangement; and while that seemed peculiar at first, after going through the motions, Cee Lo bought in, giving Rogers the chance to put his own stamp on the tune. If you missed his performance last night, take a look at this NBC video clip.

After an enthusiastic response from the audience, the coaches had their chance to weigh in. Adam Levine told Rogers to set aside the competition aspect of the evening and enjoy. He loved the performance and told Rogers he’s purely a fan of his. Blake Shelton loved the ‘down note’ at the end of the performance and called it the most laid back he’s heard from Jamar so far this season. Christina Aguilera agreed with Blake on that low note at the end and told the talented vocalist he made her want to grab the microphone and jump up on the stage with him to sing. Cee Lo loved the performance and told Rogers his life is a success story and people just want to get to know him better.

Red Zone Rocker gal Juliet Simms took to the stage next for Team Cee Lo and set out on a mission last night to prove she could make it in the male dominated rock world. Singing James Brown’s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, Simms held nothing back. There are no words to describe what she put into this song, so take a look at it here in this video clip from NBC.

As you can see, at the conclusion of her performance, host Carson Daly had a difficult time quieting the crowd. “That’s the loudest it’s ever been in this room, ever.” Adam was the first coach to weigh in and he had nothing but praise for the young rocker calling her the one to beat in this competition. Christina told her she sings for herself and her performance was amazing. A thrilled Cee Lo told his protégé she killed it…..she murdered that record.

When The Voice returns on Tuesday night on NBC, it will be a night of heartache for both contestants and viewers alike as four artists will go off to pack their bags leaving four behind fighting for their lives. The battle between Juliet Simms and Jamar Rogers will be a tough one and it’s hard to predict who will stay or who will go. Coach Cee Lo Green definitely got ‘purrfection’ last night from the two remaining stars on his team. Which artist do you think will take this round?

Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC

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