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Being a believer of teamwork, it’s been great fun watching the pros do the work and letting them think their success was all because of my great leadership.

Take for instance our Gather book, Twisted Shorties. It was my idea, my crew and my organization skills. (If you believe that, well then….) Okay fine. Here’s an example of the fantastic team I had the pleasure of working with. The real editors were Len Maxwell, John Beck and Greg Schiller. What more could a bluebird want?

Then came A. F. Stewart who took over, reformatted, linked and published it on Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel and many other book stores. This little bluebird was very happy.

Then, entered artist James T. and the awesome book cover he did for us.

Of course, perhaps the most important were the 23 authors, as a book has no value without content. Every single one of these team players were willing to accept criticism, make adjustments, resubmit, reformat, catch all my mistakes and the list goes on.
This is my idea of team work. No hurt feelings, authors published and me sitting on my behind saying, “Good job.”

Challenge: Write something (prose or poetry; fiction, nonfiction, or essay) about teamwork. It can deal with a child or an adult; it can be set in school, the business world, the military, or whatever else you can come up with. The teamwork can result in something wonderful happening, or in a major disaster.


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