Technology advances toward robotic care for the elderly

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Who doesn’t want a robot to do some work around the house?  Wouldn’t it be nice to teach a robot to take out the trash, cook dinner or dust the furniture?  It sure would, I’d buy one.  The robot is going to be more helpful in the future for elderly patients, if the University of Connecticut has anything to say about it.

According to the LA Times, a robot named Nao is being trained to work with patients.  We aren’t talking brain surgery, but the toddler size robot can remind patients when to take medications which would make them feel a little more independent. 

Nao is a joint project by husband and wife team Susan Anderson and Michael Anderson.  Susan is a philosopher at the University of Connecticut and Michael is in computer science at the University of Hartford.

Although Nao is still in the early stages of development, he sure is a cute little guy.  He is black and white and has eyes that glow.  While some describe him as cute, others think he is creepy looking.  Nao walks the halls at the University of Connecticut telling patients it is time to take their medications; of course, he says it in a mechanical voice.  I’m sure he makes people stop, look and listen.

If nothing else, maybe Nao will put a smile on someone’s face!

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