Ted Kaczynski Land to be Sold: Unabomber’s Land for Sale

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Ted Kaczynski’s land, where his infamous Unabomber shack was built, is up for sale! If you’ve ever wondered how Ted Kaczynski’s land looked up close then now’s the time to buy. It Unabomber: A Desire to Killwould be somewhat weird though, knowing you will be living where the Unabomber lived while he sent out all his anthrax laced letters.

The sale price for Ted’s land isn’t high either. It’s only $69,500 for 1.4 acres. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way you view it, the Unabomber shack was taken away as evidence during Kaczynski’s trial in 1998. The land is now bare and it would be up to the new landowners to build their own home there.

The $69,500 price tag for Ted’s land is actually a price reduction from the original $154,000. Since the price has been severely slashed, maybe it will be cut again. The right buyer may only need to haggle a little to get the price they want. Happy hunting because this seems like a great find. Kaczynski’s is currently serving a life sentence at the USP Florence ADMAX in Florence, Colorado.


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