Ted Nugent and his anti-Obama comments!

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Ted Nugent said some pretty strong words about President Obama, and the Secret Service has investigated Ted Nugent. All is well, and the Secret Service has decided to leave it alone.

Quite honestly, I want Obama defeated in November, but it is due to political reasons such as the economy and jobs. Let’s concentrate our rhetoric on fact and not on political rants such as that of Ted Nugent.

My take is that celebrities need to shut up! People like Ted Nugent, Kim Kardashian and others are ruining our country, as they try to say and do the most outrageous things. I believe that most of them have a motive: they want free advertising.

Let’s defeat President Obama on just the facts. Let’s not muddy the field with accusations of his eating dogs, and the same is true for Romney putting his dog on the top of his car.

These are fun little facts, but they take away from what is important. We need to elect the best person for the job, and I don’t think it is Obama, but I wish him well. Ted Nugent should not have said what he did, but I also believe in freedom of speech, and it seems that since Obama took office, we have all become a little skitish.

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