Ted Nugent calls Obama ‘clueless, rookie president’

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Rocker Ted Nugent called President Obama a clueless, rookie president. Nugent also called Supreme Court justices who disagreed with his views on the Second Amendment losers and weasels.

Nugent who is 61 years old was commenting on the Supreme Court ruling where the justices ruled 5-4 in favor of Americans’ right to bear arms on June 28. Chicago wanted a ban on handguns, but the Supreme Court ruled it was illegal.

The OTRC reports that Nugent wrote, “By all intellectually honest considerations, my gift of life qualifies as supreme, and not only worthy of defending, but clearly demanding to be defended by all moral beings. And speaking of losers, sadly and frighteningly, some weasels made their way onto the Supreme Court who apparently do not agree with me.”

Nugent has been very vocal about his dislike of President Obama’s policies. He has called President Obama a communist. Also, he said that there is a Mao Zedong fan club at the White House.

He also is an author and uses his writing as well as voice to express his opposition to the Obama administration. Officials have not commented on Nugent’s most recent remarks about the president.

President Obama is finding out that it’s easy to criticize as he did President Bush, but there are two sides to every argument, and the truth lies in between. I think Nugent spoke rudely, and I don’t condone name calling, but the Second Amendment is clear. Americans will not tolerate loss of freedoms including freedom of speech which Ted Nugent used here.


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