Ted Nugent insults Pres. Obama by calling him a communist and a rookie president! {Video}

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Ted Nugent, age 61, is an outspoken rocker and opinionated author who has recently called Pres. Brock Obama, a clueless rookie president. He also got angry with the Supreme Court justices who ruled 5 to 4 in favor of American’s right to bear arms. On June 28, Nugent referred to the Supreme Court justices as weasels and losers.

Ted Nugent wanted the Supreme Court justices to ban all handguns. However instead the justices ruled that it was illegal to ban handguns. The OTRC, reports that Nugent wrote “By all intellectually honest considerations, my gift of life qualifies as supreme, and not only worthy of defending, but clearly demanding to be defended by all moral beings. And speaking of losers, sadly and frighteningly, some weasels made their way onto the Supreme Court who apparently do not agree with me.”

He has been very vocal about not approving of Pres. Obama’s policies! Instead, Nugent considers Pres. Obama a communist and he also comments that there is a “Mao Zedong fan club at the White House.”

I am wondering if Nugent think his opinion represents the opinions of all Americans. By the way he talks he sounds as if somehow the Supreme Court Justices slipped by him and accidentally got into office. Does Nugent believe he is God’s gift to man? Sounds like it to me. Maybe if Nugent feels so strongly he can run for president and then we can have opinions about him as well. I am not in the Obama fan club, but I do think being disrespectful to our President is just wrong!

Nugent chooses to use his role as an author to voice his opinion against the administration of Obama. Obama’s officials have not yet commented on the remarks of Nugent. Recently, President Obama and his administration chose to fire General McChrystal for speaking unkind words about Obama and his administration. I have no doubt that if President Obama had the ability to fire Nugent, then he would be getting canned as well!

Source: OTRC 

Musician Ted Nugent performs at Revolution Live for the Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead tour on June 29, 2010 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (photo by: Jeff Daly/ Meet The Famous) Photo via Newscom

Here is Nugent speaking of Obama administration in 2008…

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