Ted Nugent Tells Piers Morgan To Leave Gun Owners Alone

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Music man Ted Nugent and CNN talk show host Piers Morgan are at it again. These two outspoken men just can’t seem to agree at all on the gun control debate. Morgan interviewed the outdoorsman on Feb. 4 at a Texas gun shop of all places. Nugent is a long time board member of the NRA and makes no bones on sharing his feelings on this hot issue.

Nugent sat there with his famous camouflage hat and asks Morgan if he cares about murderers or just murderers with guns? When Morgan told him that he cares about all deaths, Nugent went on to tell the host that he thinks he is obsessed with guns. Without giving the him a chance to speak, Nugent fired away saying, “99.99% of gun owners are wonderful people that you are hanging with here today. Perfectly safe. Perfectly harmless. Wonderful, loving, giving, generous, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone!” He went on with his rant saying that they should go after the nut jobs. He said that when people show murderous intent, which all mass murderers do, teachers, family, even fellow students knew they were crazy, but no one stopped them because they didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

The well-known hunter said that America has a ‘mad man’ problem that needs to be worked on together, but to leave gun owners alone.

The sparks continued to fly as he told the Brit, “You are the first poster boy to stand up to things that makes no sense at all to common sense people.” Obviously, Piers Morgan is not planning on backing down anytime soon. Nugent believes in the right to bear arms and he will continue to speak out in his own feisty way. Sometimes it’s just better to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Do you agree with Ted Nugent that gun owners should be left alone? What are your thoughts on this interview?

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