Ted Nugent Voters: Why Obama Wants Them, But Can’t Have Them

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Don’t kid yourself into thinking Ted Nugent voters don’t matter to President Obama. They do, and the reason they do is because the Nuge has a huge audience of supporters from a wide variety of fields that cross-cultural, age and socio-economic backgrounds.

And that’s despite his rather audacious comments at times.

The LA Times said on Thursday that President Obama might as well give up on trying to capture those votes during Election 2012 because it just isn’t going to happen.

And they’ve hit the nail on the head. Here’s why.

As many as 750,000 gun owners were trained by the National Rifle Association last year, alone. And Ted Nugent voters are included in that NRA statistic, since the NRA loves the Nuge. But those 750,000 potential voters aren’t keen on a president who wants to take away their gun rights, as the Obama administration has been trying to do since he took office.

So don’t look for any in that Nuge supporter group to vote Democrat in 2012.

In fact, the last big gun-carrying showdown between Obama and Nugent that was as controversial as the recent comments made by the Nuge at the annual NRA convention this year was in the summer of 2010.

On that July day the rocker brought a huge concert crowd alive with a flip of his middle finger after asking them, “You want to see my gun permit?”

So Nuge’s gun-carrying fans aren’t going to vote Obama for sure.

Ted Nugent voters that love the rocker due to his music are also not likely to cast their vote for Obama either, since the Nuge carries more weight with them as a decades-long rock star than the Commander-in-Chief does as a potential one-term president.

And then you have the political supporters of Ted Nugent, who lean more to the right than the left in regards to political positions on a range of issues. Those voters aren’t going to jump ship in ideological thought easily, but especially not after the recent GSA bonus and Las Vegas money-blowing scandal. And certainly not on the heels of the Secret Service scandal in Cartagena.

Obama, therefore, can give up on Nugent voters. But if he keeps the Secret Service after the famed rocker he is likely to lose some of the white voters he might have had.

And that’s because an obvious discrepancy is starting to appear when it comes to Obama being willing to use the federal government’s agencies to push for investigations into white on black crimes in speech or action (Nugent, Zimmerman) but refuses to do so for black on white crimes in speech or action (New Black Panthers bounty on Zimmerman).

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