Ted Nugent Won’t Vote for Sarah Palin, Either?

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Ted Nugent says he loves Sarah Palin, but he won’t vote for her. Considering how so many people think Sarah Palin is the darling of the Tea Party’s chances for a 2010 Presidential candidate, that sounds a bit odd from the Nuge, don’t you think?

But he was dead serious about it. Nugent voiced his opinion on Sarah Palin to Anderson Cooper while being interviewed about his new book, “Ted, White and Blue,” on Anderson Cooper 360.

ted nugent wouldnt vote for sarah palin,anderson cooper,ted nugent,sarah palinAccording to TV Squad, Ted Nugent started out praising Sarah Palin and how she’s “coming from the street” and “makes sense when she talks.” Considering Nugent thinks Palin makes sense, you’d think he’d vote for her, right? Sounds like she has him completely fooled.

But when Anderson Cooper pushed him on whether Palin would make a good president, Ted Nugent backed away like it was a bad shot on a good buck. “Right now, if we had a vote, I couldn’t vote for Sarah Palin,” he said.

And Ted Nugent saying he wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin puts him right in line with some of the better thinkers on the right wing. The Huffington Post noted a few days ago that George Will himself called Sarah Palin unelectable.

So Ted Nugent saying he wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin makes him part of an increasing number of rank and file Americans, from George Will to the over 50% of Americans recently polled who had a bad opinion of her.

Perhaps Sarah Palin ought to consider continuing her career as a reality show star. When she loses the vote of such Tea Party stalwarts as Ted Nugent, politics can’t possibly be her proper calling.

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