Ted Nugent’s Shocking Comments about Barack Obama Being Investigated by Secret Service

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Motor City Madman Ted Nugent is mad as hell about the thought of Barack Obama getting reelected, but he might want to watch his mouth—the Secret Service is investigating him after some shocking comments he made about the President at an NRA meeting.

The “Cat Scratch Fever” singer is a major gun fan, but he probably shouldn’t have implied that he might try using one on the POTUS while trying to rile up his fellow gun lovers. According to Think Progress, here’s Ted’s statement that concerned the Secret Service:

If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.

An agent has confirmed that they have flagged Ted Nugent’s comment and will conduct an appropriate followup.

Nugent also accused Barack Obama of “wiping his ass with the Constitution” and told the NRA members at the meeting that winning the election called for conservatives to “ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.”

So basically Ted talked about killing the competition, including the President, in front of a group of gun enthusiasts. Of course, he’ll argue that he was just using a metaphor and wasn’t trying to convince Mitt Romney supporters to behead Democrats, and surely he wasn’t serious about ending up dead or in jail after making an assassination attempt.

Nugent has already endorsed Mitt Romney, so it’s going to be difficult for him to ignore the rocker’s comments. It also doesn’t help that Mitt’s campaign recently tried to attach Hilary Rosen’s remarks that Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her life to all Democrats, basically trying to turn around the Dem’s claims of a GOP “war on women” by claiming that they’re staging a war on moms. So if all Dems are responsible for Hilary’s comments, shouldn’t Ted’s comments be attached to all Republicans?

Nugent might not be tied as closely to Romney as Rosen was to Obama, but Mitt was obviously desperate to get the endorsement of one of the GOP’s biggest conservative celebrities. In fact, Mitt wooed the Nuge away from Rick Perry by having a heart-to-heart conversation with him.

So will Mitt Romney try to distance himself from Ted Nugent by condemning him for his comments, or does the rocker have him in a “Stranglehold”—some conservatives already aren’t the biggest fans of Romney (as evidenced Rick Santorum’s primary success), so they might not be too happy if he rebukes the rocker for doing something they see as Ted simply exercising his right to free speech.

Check out Ted’s tirade below.

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