Teddy Grahams–Review

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We received our box of Teddy Grahams to review on Friday Sept. 19.   We received the 12 pack variety packs.  Each 12 pack contains 4 packages of Chocolate, 4 packages of Honey and 4 packages of Cinnamon.    There were 4-12 packs, to 48 1.25 oz packages total!  As of yesterday Sept 23, all 48 bags had already been eaten between the 9 of us living in the house.  In fact, my 3 year old granddaugter, Araya, commented to me on how I needed to get to the store and buy more.  I'm sure I will be buying these in the future knowing what a hit they were with the entire household.

They were a hit right away.  Chocolate was the favorite as it was gone first, then Cinnamon, then Honey. I find these to be a good choice for a snack for both adults and children.  A lot better than a sugary snack.  They have just about the right amount of sweetness to them, no matter what the flavor.  I have some silly pics of the kids eating some as well as a video.

Each 1.25 oz package contains 150 calories.  Other nutritional items are about the same with a little difference.  The chocolate has 8% Saturated fat as the honey and cinnamon have 5%.  Chocolate as 8% sodium, honey and cinnamon have 7%.  Chocolate has 8% dietary fiber, honey and cinnamon have 4%.  Chocolate has 8% iron, honey and cinnamon have 6%.
I scanned the nutritional panel from the 12-pack:


Allen is looking pretty serious as he holds his package of Teddy Grahams.

Heather is saying "Oh, I love these Cinnamon Teddy Grahams!"

Jasmine wanted to pretend she was a butterfly while eating her Chocolate Teddy Grahams.

Willo is a happy kid when she got to eat her Honey Teddy Grahams.

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