‘Teen Bride’ Courtney Stodden Celebrates 17th Birthday

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Teen bride Courtney Stodden (and she’s famous why?) is celebrating her 17th birthday on Monday, August 29th. What do you supposed her 51-year-old husband will get her for a gift?

According to RadarOnline, it seems that Stodden’s biggest claim to fame is in fact her marriage at the age of 16 to Doug Hutchison. The public outcry about their age difference kept both of them in the news for weeks. Even after Stodden’s parents said they approved of the marriage (and what kind of parents would do that?), the interest in this May-December romance didn’t wane.

Now that Courtney Stodden has turned 17, will Dough Hutchison now be looking for a younger wife? All kidding aside–what is wrong with this man, and her family, for allowing such a thing? She’s a child, for goodness sake!

The blonde bombshell, and sometimes model (questionable?) had the following to say about her excitement over turning 17.

“I’m so happy! This is the best birthday ever,” Courtney Stodden says about her big day. “17 is going to be even better than 16 because I’m going to spend the whole year with my wonderful husband!”

Even Courtney Stodden’s mom weighed in on her excitement as well.

“I’m very proud to be Courtney’s mom and Doug Hutchinson’s mother-in-law.”

Um, sure. This still gives many people a really icky, sick to their stomach kind of feeling–akin to waiting for that other proverbial shoe to drop. Something is clearly off in this whole teen bride marriage, and even though no one has found anything illegal about it thus far, there’s still something incredibly peculiar going on.

So will Dough Hutchison buy his 17-year-old wife some sexy lingerie for her birthday? Will he get her an expensive new car? Or maybe he’ll revert to treating her like the teenager she is, and spring for some tickets to her favorite band’s concert.

So far she has received gifts from option #1–several selections from Victoria’s Secret–which is said to be her favorite store.

(Can you say perv?) Yuck!

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Courtney Stodden

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