Teen Caught Having Sex with Dogs (Video)

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A teen in Georgia might want to consider a name change and different hometown after he was caught having sex with the dogs of a woman who trusted him to care for them. Bernard Archer, 19, was supposed to be cleaning the kennel of pit bulls owned by Dr. Cathryn Lafayette of Newton County, to repay the debt of her paying for his GED testing. Instead of cleaning out the dogs’ kennel, he chose to “know” the canines.

It’s unclear on whether or not the teen actually cleaned the kennel like he was supposed to, but Dr. Cathryn Layfayette found out through police that he did something else entirely. Witnesses in the neighborhood reportedly called police on Bernard Archer after seeing him rape two of the pit bull dogs. At first the woman didn’t want to believe that the young man had raped her two female dogs, but the police showed her video evidence.

“It showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. He was on his knees like he was a dog,” said the distraught pet owner.

The woman is rightfully disturbed by this, and maybe it’s the last time she offers to help someone in exchange for chores while she is away. Nineteen-year-old Bernard Archer has been charged with two counts of bestiality, and with the existence of this video evidence he’s likely to be charged as well. In the state of Georgia, bestiality can be punishable by five years in prison per offense, so it’s likely that this man has the potential of facing 10 years for diddling the two dogs.

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