Teen Idol Almost Arrested For Water Balloon Fiasco

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Yet again, Bieber’s pranks land him in the news, but this time the consequences could have been extremely serious. Just before a concert in Maryland, Bieber was reportedly “horsing around” with some members of his staff when he decided to toss two water balloons at some Maryland troopers that were there for crowd control. One water balloon brushed off one officer’s chest and didn’t burst, but the other burst on one trooper’s gun belt.

When the now soaking wet trooper, who was quite unhappy about the improvised bath, was about to cuff the teen sensation, Bieber retired to his trailer and left his body guard to deal with the situation. Lucky for Bieber, his body guard managed to convince the cops not to arrest him and he was able to continue on to perform his show just after.

Bieber, who clearly learned his lesson by almost being arrested, later that night Tweeted “Still laughing. Great day.”

Yes, it must be easy to laugh when you’re enough of a big shot to get out of trouble. While the trooper did mention that his behavior was “inappropriate”, there was no report filed and the incident was not put on his record. What other 16 year old would possibly get this treatment? At that age they would have been arrested in a heart beat and a report most certainly would have been filed.

So what can we expect from Bieber in the future? If his past history of pranks is a clue, certainly nothing good will come of it. At 16 years old, he’s beginning to take his pranks too far. At that age anyone should be able to tell appropriate pranks from inappropriate ones. Of course, when you have fame and stardom to fall back on, what’s there to hold you back?

Bieber’s past pranks include calling Akon and pretending to be his illegitimate son. Bieber was also surrounded in a scandal just last month where he posted Kevin Kristopik’s phone number on Twitter saying it was his own, resulting in the teen receiving 26,000 text messages before the service could be shut off. Needless to say, Kristopik’s father is furious and there are rumors of future litigation to resolve to possible $10,000+ bill from the phone company. Bieber’s logic? The 15 year old ex-Bieber fan had allegedly hacked the account of one of Bieber’s friends and so Bieber decided to exact revenge.

So where do we draw the line? At 16 years old, to be getting away with the things he’s getting away with, how will this end when he becomes an adult? Obviously the laws of the United States don’t apply to celebrities. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? It has most people wondering where to sign up.

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