‘Teen Mom 2′ Cancellation Uncertain, New Details why MTV Is Considering the Move

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After an all new episode of Teen Mom 2 aired last night, news broke that MTV is considering canceling the hit show because of Jenelle Evans’ behavior. There is no doubt that her dramatic antics have drawn a lot of negative attention to the show and the message that it is trying to send, but will they really cancel the show?

It has already been reported that MTV has not yet made a final decision regarding the fifth season of the show (there will be a fourth season for sure), but many are wondering what exactly has the network pondering this big decision. There is no doubt that Jenelle brings, not only drama, but also ratings for the network, so why would they ever take her off of the show? Liability reasons.

A source said about the impending decision, “The way she’s going, she could literally die and MTV will be blamed for it. They should have just taken away all her Twitters and Facebooks. Whatever.”

There is no doubt that fans have been concerned for Jenelle’s well-being. While most people share song lyrics or updates about their day on these social networking sites, Jenelle gives updates about her alleged miscarriage and marital woes. To say the least, she airs nearly everything on these sites and often comes under harsh ridicule for her actions. Not only that, but MTV is more than aware of her issues and reportedly even filmed some of her drug use. While that has not been confirmed, Jenelle hinted that she couldn’t talk about drug accusations due to her contract.

Original Teen Mom star Amber Portwood got the first show canceled when she picked prison over house arrest and a court mandated drug program. While it probably wouldn’t have been as interesting with Amber’s continuing legal troubles, her prison stay sealed the show’s fate and it came to an end last year. While Jenelle Evans is not yet in prison, she has had legal troubles, several arrests, and brings a more negative vibe to the show than Amber Portwood ever did.

A lot of people had said that it wouldn’t be fair to the other girls (Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer-Calvert, and Chelsea Houska) to cancel the show, but that didn’t stop MTV the first time around. The girls haven’t spoke out about the possible cancellation, but many have tried to reach out to Evans in the past. However, it seems that she has never wanted to take help from her costars and they can’t possibly like being likened to her through the show. They all have continued to show what it is like to have a child as a teen and deal with the circumstances, which is the original message that the network set to deliver.

Would canceling Teen Mom 2 even solve the issue at hand, though? Jenelle Evans needs help for her issues and, honestly, the damage is done. People already have a predisposition regarding her and that likely won’t change simply because she isn’t on television every week. Most of the drama that has been going on hasn’t even aired yet, so how would canceling the show help?

Nevertheless, MTV realizes that Jenelle is a liability for them and, like the source says, it would be very bad if something did happen to her while still under contract with them. Hopefully her family, friends, or the network, step in and get her the help that she so desperately needs.

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