‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Are Kailyn and Jo Getting Back Together?

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An all-new sneak peek has been released for episode 4 of Teen Mom 2. The preview hints that Kailyn and Jo may try to work things out for the sake of their son. Click the video below to see the preview!


Jo and Kailyn have been having problems since their son Isaac was born. To be fair, Jo really didnÂ’t treat Kailyn very well. He always seemed distant and moody when they were together. Jo and Kailyn split up and Kailyn moved into JoÂ’s basement. Awkward! Kailyn decided to move on and started dating a new guy from work, Jordan.

In episode 3, JoÂ’s parents gave Kailyn an ultimatum. Break up with Jordan or move out. Kailyn broke up with Jordan so as not to be put out into the street with her baby. It seems that KailynÂ’s brief relationship with Jordan may have made Jo miss the mother of his child. He seems to want to work things out and be together as a family.

Does anyone else think these two will never be able work it out? In the preview, Jo barely looks at Kailyn when he talks to her. They barely make eye contact. He always looks down or off into the distance when he talks.  He doesn’t look sincere at all when he says he wants things back to how they were.

What do you think? Do you think Jo and Kailyn will be able to work things out? What do you think of Teen Mom 2 so far? Share your thoughts below!

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