Teen Mom 2: Maci and Bentley Moves To Nashville

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Despite how her parents felt Maci and her son Bentley finally moved to Nashville. Even though her parents didn’t like the idea of her moving, they were still supportive, but Ryan was not happy about it. Maci tried to come to an agreement with Ryan before she left, but he refused.

Catelynn and Tyler decided to make a scrap book for their daughter Carly. Catelynn and her mom visited a lawyer to get help for her stepdad Butch, who was now in jail instead of rehab. Butch did however call Tyler, and revealed he got a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his forearm. Tyler was shocked but glad to see his dad acknowledged Carly, even though they had given her up for adoption.

Farrah and Sophia were doing good, except Farrah was having a hard time coping with being a single parent. She wanted to get a dna from a relative related to Sophia’s dad, who recently passed away, so she could apply for social security. When things didn’t go according to planned, Farrah became irate, but her lawyer calmed her down.

Amber and Gary’s relationship isn’t getting any better. Every time Gary comes back and grants Amber’s wishes, she snaps out. She drilled him on where he was moving to and who was going to be there. She even told him he had to tell her who is at his place of residence at all times. Gary didn’t agree with Amber’s demands and he took Leah and left.

The last thing Catelynn’s mom need to do is worry about Butch. Having a relationship with her daughter should be more important! Amber has a problem and it’s noone fault but her’s that she’s a teen mom. Her outrage, quick temper tandrums and crying is uncaused for. She doesn’t realize she is who causes Leah to cry the way she does, because when Gary is around she doesn’t act that way. It’s a good thing Gary is looking for his own apartment because he and Amber’s relationship is not a healthy one! 

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