Teen Mom 2: Maci Considers Moving To Nashville With New Boyfriend

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Wow! Is Maci moving too fast now that she and Ryan are not together?

On Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Farrah tries to make up the $3,000 she now owes the bank due to a scam. Her boss at work approved her for more days so she could make up the money. In the meantime, she had to depend on one of her friends to babysit her daughter Sophia, because her mom was doing community service.

Catelynn’s step father Butch, also Tylers father, was ordered to drug rehab. Butch didn’t find out until after Tyler’s visit. Catelynn’s mom April didn’t take her husband having to go to rehab well, and she lashed out on Catelynn. She told Catelynn how angry she was about her putting her baby up for adoption, without talking to her about it. On top of that she complained about how lazy she was saying, she need to do more around the house. After Catelynn spent some time at Tyler’s, she came home and cleaned her room. She washed the dishes and her mother said thank you. After a brief conversation they hugged each other.

Amber who still hasn’t finished school was trying to decide if she should get her high school diploma or get her GED. She assumed getting her GED wasn’t as effective as getting a diploma. Gary advised her to take the GED, instead of wasting $355 for high school home schooling. Amber went to see her guidance sounselor, and even she told her taking the GED was much harder than getting a diploma. Amber then made a decision to get her GED. Gary and their daughter Leah went with Amber to take the practice test. Amber became irate because she couldn’t remember how to do the math. She asked Gary to find some kind of vitamins or pills to help her remember. Gary encouraged her to take her to just take her time.

Last but not least, Maci has a hard decision to make. She has to choose what’s best for she and her son Bentley. Now that she has a new boyfriend she is already planning to move in with him. In the beginning of the season Maci moved in with her friends, but after spending so much time with the new man in her life, she is ready to move on. Maci said since she has to drive two hours to see him, maybe moving to Nashville is the best option for her.

All of the teen moms are improving at something. Farrah is learning how to be a more responsible mom, Amber is going back to school, Maci is getting over Ryan and moving on, and Catelynn is maturing and hopefully learning from her mother’s mistakes. The only thing missing is Farrah and her mother’s relationship. In all fairness they both should seek counsel together to help work through their issues. A mother and daughter relationship is valuable and you only get one mother, but it takes two!

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