‘Teen Mom 2′ Sneak Peek: Leah Messer Reveals She Is Engaged (and Pregnant!)

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After going through a rough divorce, Leah Messer is finally happy with a guy named Jeremy Calvert. While fans are just getting to know him, on next week’s all new episode of the show, Leah reveals that she and Jeremy are engaged! However, that isn’t the only secret that she is keeping from her friend.

Even though Leah was on birth control (the IUD), she decided to take it out. She tells her friend Kayla that she has been “feeling sick” and that leads both ladies to believe that Leah is pregnant and she admits that she needs to take a pregnancy test. She feels that Jeremy wants to have a kid (Leah admits she wouldn’t be opposed to having five kids!) There is no doubt that Leah loves kids, but she is moving a little fast and her friend knows that. When Kayla asks her why she does that, Leah says it is because she “wants it so bad.”

Fans may recall when this rumor originally hit tabloids. Headlines claimed that Leah was pregnant with twins (she wasn’t.) In the end, she sadly suffered a miscarriage. However, Leah got pregnant again and is currently expecting her third child, a girl, and is about eight months along. While fans will have to wait to see that play out on Teen Mom 2, they will see the current issues that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are going through.

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