‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Chelsea Houska Heartbroken

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Chelsea Houska is heartbroken. Her boyfriend and father of her daughter Aubree admitted to cheating on her a number of times.

This isn’t all too big a surprise, since her relationship with Adam Lind has always been pretty rocky.

According to a report from Life & Style Weekly, Houska, 19, became pregnant with Lind’s baby when she was just 17 years old. She says she really does love Adam and wanted to give him another chance.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Lind told Chelsea Houska that he would change his wandering ways. She is crushed that he has lied yet again.

“Family is so important to me,” Chelsea Houska says. “My parents are divorced, so in my head I just wanted Aubree to have parents who were together. I wanted to take that shot at trying to get there and have my family together.”

It’s really kind of sad that shows like Teen Mom 2 are aired. They seem to give a sense of false hope to young mothers who are clearly over their heads when playing adult roles.

While it’s admirable that these young women had their babies and are trying to raise them on their own, what they really need is the help of their adult family members rather than that of another teenager.

Hopefully, Chelsea Houska will grow up and see Adam Lind for the cheater he is. Unfortunately, someone who cheats a number of times isn’t likely to change his ways. She needs to make a life for herself and Aubree and simply be done with him.

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