‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Confirms He Has a Son

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When it comes to the cast of Teen Mom 2, it seems unlikely that there are any big secrets that the cast manages to keep. However, on Wednesday it was revealed that one man who has been seen on the show quite a bit is actually a parent himself, a little known fact to pretty much everyone!

Kieffer Delp is best known as the hoodie-wearing (sometimes) boyfriend of Jenelle Evans. Even though he has made several appearances on the hit MTV show, a lot of his life remains a mystery. Most fans know that he has family in New Jersey and that he and Jenelle have had their good times and their bad times. However, it was during one of these bad times that Jenelle slipped and revealed that Kieffer has a son.

After Jenelle’s comments, a lot of people questioned the authenticity of the remark. Could Kieffer Delp really have a son? Well, it looks like the answer was in the most obvious place: Kieffer’s Twitter timeline.

That’s right, Delp actually admitted that he has a son, but that he refuses to talk about him on Twitter, which is actually a pretty smart move. People are obviously curious about the boy, but Delp has had firsthand experience with oversharing on social networking sites and obviously doesn’t want to include his son in the mix.

Unfortunately, other than Delp’s admission, there are no other details about his son and it looks like he is going to keep it that way. Of course, due to lack of details, Teen Mom 2 fans will still question whether or not Kieffer Delp is a dad, but that’s his business.

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