‘Teen Mom 3′ Canceled By MTV?

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Teen Mom 3 hasn’t even aired yet and, already, there is talk that MTV has canceled the show. The third installment is set to follow four girls from the fourth season of 16 & Pregnant as they start their journies as teen parents. MTV picked Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alex Sekella, and Briana Dejesus for the show, but there were plenty of girls who would have rounded out the cast well. Unfortunately, MTV couldn’t pick everyone to continue their stories and some had even declined a spot on the show.

On Tuesday, one of the girls who was not picked declared that there would be no third installment of the show saying, “Just an FYI for all the #TeenMom watchers. There will be no #TeenMom3.”

That was a pretty bold statement for Jordan Howard to make and, immediately, the new cast fired back declaring the statement false.

Katie Yeager tweeted, “hmmm what did I film a reunion for and do voice overs for then?”

Briana Dejesus said, “RT IF YOU’RE EXCITED TO SEE A WHOLE NEW TEEN MOM!!!!!!!!!!! @MTV

Even Briana’s sister, Brittany (who also appeared on Briana’s episode of 16 & Pregant) said, “There WILL be a TeenMom 3. No sir date yet, but MTV is still gonna show it. So please don’t talk sh** like you know. Bye.”

So, what happened that caused the drama in the first place? It seemed that there had been some miscommunication and Jordan has recieved some wrong news.

After Mackenzie Douthit chimed in and asked what happened, Jordan clarified saying, “lol I got a wrong message!”

There are some people who have wondered when MTV is going to air the new show since season one finished filming quite some time ago. Fans don’t want the show to be so far ahead of what is going on in real life because that is one of the reasons many are losing interest in Teen Mom 2. It is fun to see how things play out with the girls, but when you follow all of the news online and then watch it a year later, it is deterring. Luckily, TM3 will be airing in the future! Will you be watching?

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