‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast Confirmed?

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MTV has yet to announce the cast for Teen Mom 3, but super sleuthing fans have been able to confirm which four girls will continue to allow cameras to chronicle their lives.

Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, and Alex Sekella have all been spotted with camera crews and have also been tweeting some hints. That, along with admissions from most of the other girls that MTV had not picked them, helped to narrow it down. Despite all of that, there has been a lot of questioning who the fourth girl for the cast would be. It seemed that the final spot was between Lindsey Harrison and Briana Dejesus. When Lindsey admitted that she had turned down MTV’s offer, everyone assumed that Briana had the spot. However, there has been no photographic evidence to confirm her spot on the show. On Wednesday night, though, her fellow 16 & Pregnant season 4 cast-mates seemed to confirm fans suspicions.

Thanks to the Presidential debate, a lot of the girls from the season were on Twitter, voicing their political views. Briana Dejesus was tweeting up a storm in support of President Obama. She emphasised the President’s views on education and seemed shocked that Lindsey Harrison and Sarah Roberts were both pulling for Mitt Romney.

After a few friendly back and forths with Briana, Sarah tweeted to Lindsey, “Some of us can’t be so lucky to just have 100,000+ dollars thrown our way ;) If you catch my drift. @LilMamaLinds

It has never been disclosed how much the girls from Teen Mom actually make, but $100,000 seems about right for a season (at least for the girls who have a couple of seasons under their belts). Aside from the tweet, the fact that Briana, Katie, Alex, and Mackenzie have all been tweeting about the upcoming reunion special seems to cement MTV’s decision for the cast.

Are you excited to see TM3? Which girls story are you most excited for?

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