‘Teen Mom 3′ Cast to Include Lindsey Harrison?

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Now that the final season of the original Teen Mom is being aired on MTV, fans are anxiously waiting the announcement for which girls from the most recent season of 16 & Pregnant will be on the third installment of TM. It was rumored that the announcement was supposed to be made in June, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Fans generally accept that Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alexandria Sekella will be on the show for sure since most have been spotted with cameras following them in their hometowns. While the fourth girl has not yet been confirmed, many believe that Briana Dejesus will be featured on the show due to a tweet that appeared to be a slip-up. However, another fan favorite from the season was tweeting some things on Tuesday night that got some thinking that she was actually the fourth girl.

Lindsey Harrison’s episode of 16 & Pregnant aired early on, but it was definitely memorable. Not only was she an aspiring model (and an awesome one at that), but also a cage fighter, a first for the show!

First, Lindsey defended the current girls on the show after someone claimed they “make millions,” saying, “MTV does not pay what people think.” Obviously, though, this isn’t something that most people already didn’t know, as most of the girls have also come forward with this claim.

Then, she tweeted, “& the reality of being a teen mom..”

Woah, was that an admission?! It’s hard to say if Lindsey was referring to the show or perhaps her current relationship situation. After catching her boyfriend cheating, she decided to move out of Reno and is taking her daughter with her.

There was talk for a while that the decision for the fourth spot was between Lindsey Harrison and Briana Dejesus, and it only seems fitting that the rumors about the fourth spot swirl around these two girls. Perhaps MTV was filming both of them before making a final decision? Or maybe the network decided to twist things up a bit and include five girls on the show as opposed to the typical four.

Whether or not Lindsey Harrison will be on Teen Mom 3 is not yet known, but she is definitely memorable, and fans would love to see more of her!

Would you prefer Briana Dejesus or Lindsey Harrison on the show?

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