‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Fights Back Against Drug Use Claims

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Teen Mom 3 has yet to air, but it’s stars are already dealing with rumors. For instance, Alexandria Sekella was recently accused of being a drug user. On Alex’s episode of 16 & Pregnant, the teen was in a relationship with a drug addict, and it had a very serious effect on both her and her child, so it’s odd that anyone would thing that Alex would be doing drugs herself.

When one Teen Mom fan site claimed that Alex “is a drug abuser too. She smokes weed i seen her yesterday. Pic to come soon,” Alex quickly responded, saying, “EVERYONE I WANT JUST TO CLEAR I NEVER USED DRUGS NOR PLAN TO USE,” Alex tweeted, adding that the site is “A LIAR PROBABLY MAKING A PHOTO EDIT since she needs Time to post it.” Alex has a good point, why would the site not just post it right away, especially after Alex called them out on an edit? It’s a bit odd.

Alex, who will make her Teen Mom 3 debut next year, wants her fans to know that she does not use drugs, and she’s even willing to prove it my taking a test! “My mom gives drug tests for a living I’ll take one and post it,” she wrote. It will be interesting to see if she does do this, but even if she does, some will still question whether or not it was really her test. That’s just part of being on a reality show.

Unfortunately for Alex, this may just be the first of many rumors to target her life. She’s about to be on an extremely popular show and judging by all the headlines involving the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 girls, she’s got a lot ahead of her.

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