‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Injured in Car Accident

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Teen Mom 3 star Katie Yeager was recently injured in a car accident. The mommy of Molli was first made famous by her appearance on 16 & Pregnant season 4 and will soon return to MTV for the first season of the new series. Yesterday, she took to Twitter to let her fans know about the accident.

Katie was leaving work to go pick up Molli from daycare and stopped at a red light. When the person ahead of her started moving, so did Katie but when they slammed on their breaks suddenly, Katie rear-ended them. Now, the front of her car is all smashed up and she is a bit banged up as well. “Gotta love airbag burns,” Katie tweeted yesterday.

Katie was burnt on her face, arms, legs, and shoulders and also suffered a minor concussion from the air bag. Other than that, she was ok. Shortly after the accident took place, Katie tweeted a photo of her cut wrist. While it’s a shame that Katie was injured, and that she’ll now be dealing with car repair and insurance claims, it’s good to hear that her 1-year-old daughter Molli wasn’t in the car. Hopefully, Katie will get well soon and be back on the road.

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