‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Mackenzie Douthit: Was Her Second Pregnancy Planned?

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Teen Mom 3 hasn’t aired yet, but already, Mackenzie Douthit is a fan favorite. She is a southern girl like Maci Bookout and there is no doubt MTV is going to paint her in the same light that they did with Bookout. Mackenzie seems like a sweet girl and being shown in a positive light is not a bad thing by any means, but a new report suggests that the reality show star has some secrets that could tarnish her image. According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Round-Up, Mackenzie’s pregnancy that led to her reality show star fame wasn’t her first!

Before having her son Gannon, Mackenzie and Josh were expecting another baby boy. They had an equally unique name for the boy picked out and planned on calling him “Oakley.” Tragically, the pregnancy ended in a “late term miscarriage.” However, the two got pregnant again quickly and had Gannon. This is rumored to be a plot line for the upcoming Teen Mom 3, but could this story paint Mackenzie in a different light?

Fans may recall that Mackenzie’s mom was particularly upset to find out that her daughter was, not only pregnant, but having sex in general. Her family is very religious as well as traditional, so it is easy to see how a teenage pregnancy didn’t make them happy. On the 16 & Pregnant catch up special, it was obvious that her mom was disappointed and made it a point to ensure no more pregnancies happened out of wedlock. With that being said, her mother’s behavior makes it hard to believe that she would allow for the opportunity for Mackenzie to get pregnant after suffering the miscarriage. Of course, that may be one reason why her mother was so upset. Perhaps she did watch her daughter suffer a miscarriage only to go and get pregnant right away.

Mackenzie admitted that she wasn’t on birth control at the time because she feared “gaining weight.” However, after suffering a miscarriage (and knowing that pregnancy was a real possibility), why didn’t she get protected? Is there a chance her second pregnancy was planned?

This is the exact message that MTV isn’t wanting to send to viewers. There are already enough people who think that teens intentionally get pregnant for a chance to be on 16 & Pregnant and if the first pregnancy becomes a part of Mackenzie’s story line, that is how people could perceive it. Not to say that she got pregnant solely for the chance to be on the show, but this revelation makes it seem that she and Josh planned on having Gannon.

It is important to note that Mackenzie Douthit herself has not yet confirmed this news, but this is an interesting rumor. What do you think about it?

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