‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Matt McCann Details His Cliff Fall (Exclusive)

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Teen Mom 3 doesn’t begin airing until August 26, but for months, fans have been hearing about all of the latest happenings in the cast’s lives. One of the more shocking stories to have hit the web was about Alex Sekella’s ex-boyfriend Matt McCann. In November of last year, it was reported that Matt had fallen off a cliff during a night out with friends. At the time, it was said that his drug use led to the fall but now, he is disputing claims.

“I was there with a bunch of people because it’s a common place for people to hang out. I went with three people but there were more people at the knob when we got there,” Matt reveals exclusively to Gather of the circumstances surrounding his fall. “After I fell, I had to climb back up the side of the mountain and then walk back down the other side to the car.”

Meanwhile, Matt was badly injured and needed medical attention. “My head was split open, I had a broken neck and I broke a vertebrae in my back. My friends who I went with drove me to the hospital,” he explains. “I had to get 60 staples in my head and I had to wear a neck brace. I was in the hospital in the ICU for a day and I spent 3 days in a regular room. The hospital didn’t do an adequate job at stapling my head so I have holes in my scar that open sometimes and my neck never healed completely. My girlfriend had to constantly clean out my head.”

The girlfriend Matt is referring to is Lekota Koch who he has been seeing for nearly a year now.

Despite claims that he was abusing drugs, Matt insists that he simply lost his footing, causing him to take the devastating plunge. “At the time of the accident I was not on anything. I smoked weed at the time I will admit but I hadn’t smoked that day. I honestly did trip.”

For more of Matt McCann and the Teen Mom 3 cast, be sure to tune in to the season 1 premiere on August 26 at 10/9c on MTV.

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