‘Teen Mom 3′ Third Cast Member Revealed!

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Ever since MTV announced plans for a Teen Mom 3, fans have watched the new season of 16 and Pregnant with a lot more intent than usual. Unfortunately, a lot of the girls featured on the new season have unique, interesting stories and there are more than four girls that fans would like to see more of.

As reported earlier, cameras were spotted at the prom of Mackenzie Douthit, leading many to believe that she was being filmed for the new installment. This morning, Radar Online broke the news that two girls have been confirmed for the show, one of them being none other than Mackenzie Douthit. The second confirmed girl is Alex Sekella, who had a 90-minute episode special, so many assumed that she would indeed be picked for the show.

Assuming that MTV is going with the familiar four girl format, many fans started trying to figure out the other two cast members. The Ashley is now reporting that Katie Yeager is the third girl picked for Teen Mom 3. Reportedly, camera crews have followed her around Wyoming, making sure to capture some memorable moments for the show.

For those who may not remember, Katie’s episode debuted immediately after Mackenzie’s and many were surprised to see how mature the teenager and her boyfriend were compared to others their age.

Do you think Katie Yeager is a good choice for Teen Mom 3? Who do you think should be the fourth girl for the show?

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