‘Teen Mom 3′ to Include Hope Harbert? She Reveals!

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Ever since MTV announced that there would be a Teen Mom 3, fans have been watching 16 and Pregnant with much more intent, trying to figure out which four girls would be picked for the show. Luckily, some super sleuths figured out three of the four girls who will be on!

Of course, it wasn’t too hard for those living near Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, and Alex Sekella to figure out why MTV camera crews were following them everywhere. With three girls announced, many are eager to learn the identity of the fourth (and most likely) final girl. There have been many names thrown around, but the favorites seem to be Briana Dejesus, Lindsey Harrison, and after her episode aired Tuesday night, Hope Harbert.

Despite barely knowing the father of her baby, the two try their hardest to make things work and (against all odds!) they actually succeed! The two are still together and are even considering having another baby in the next couple of years!

Fans would certainly love to see her on the new season, but unfortunately, Hope let her fans know via Twitter that she wasn’t picked tweeting, “To everyone that keeps saying they want me on teen mom unfortunately I didn’t make it! #dramafree

The fact that Hope and her family are drama free would have been an excellent reason to pick them. Although they are a little older, the fact that she and her boyfriend, Ben, have overcome so much for the baby really sets a good example for other young girls. Sadly, drama is what people crave and because of that, Hope Harbert won’t be on Teen Mom 3.

Who would you like to see on the new installment? Are you upset that Hope won’t be featured?

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