‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood a Lesbian? Gary Shirley Comes Clean

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On Saturday, Teen Mom fans were stunned when Gary Shirley claimed his ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, was a lesbian. There is very little news about Amber these days, especially since she does not partake in social networking, so fans take what they can get, even when it seems to be a stretch.

Even though fans were shocked, it looks like Gary pulled a fast one, proving that people will believe anything!

Gary tweeted, “Guys Ambers not a Lesbian just proving a point that people believe everything they hear.”

Interestingly, he even had Amber’s support through the whole thing. Luckily, he also gave fans a positive update on the Teen Mom, saying that she is doing well.

Of course, fans may remember a few days before April Fool’s when Jenelle Evans and her then boyfriend, Gary Head, used Twitter as a means to fool followers into thinking they had broken-up. Unfortunately, their story didn’t have a happy ending, and the two ended up splitting for real a few days later. Still, it goes to show you how much people will actually believe.

Was it necessary for Gary to post such a tweet about Amber, even he was only trying to prove a point? Whatever your opinion on that, the truth is that it worked. Of course, with so little news about Amber Portwood, fans are likely to believe nearly anything Gary tweets about her.

Did you believe his tweets, or did you have a hunch that something was awry?

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